the gross smelling air filter

My girlfriend Mary is obsessed with the scent of lilacs. Every product we use is usually lilac scented. Our shampoo, dish soap, fabric softener and laundry detergent are lilac scented. I really don’t like the flowery smell of it.  Despite that fact, I can deal with it for my girl. Last Saturday morning, Mary and I realized we needed to replace the air filter in our HVAC unit. The two of us headed to the local hardware store and saw that the option for cooling filters are many. We could buy all sorts of weird sizes. The actual holes on the air filter also come in different sizes. The tinier the holes, the more dust they collect, allowing for superior air quality. The filters are rated for effectiveness, and I believe HEPA is the best. We looked  at washable air filters, so that we could cleans it up and keep it for a few months. Mary and I could save money doing this. My girlfriend ignored all that and made a straight path to the selection of scented air filters. They offered cooling filters that were lilac scented. My girlfriend was so thrilled that she bought the entire stock of them. We now have a stack of lilac scented air filters. If you’ve never tried a scented air filter, I recommend you avoid it. The lilac smelled all right for about a day. By the next day, the smell began to get sickening. As dust fills the filter, the lilac starts to smell stale. By the end of the first week, our house smelled of dead, dusty flowers. Neither of us care for the air filter being scented. Since Mary bought a ton of the air filters and  they are not cheap, we’ll be using them for a long time.

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