Maybe I should just buy a/c

My brother and his wife got divorced and I got my brother in the separation. My brother needed a location to go and I had another room. I sort of see now why my sister in law booted him. My brother is a large mess, tracks filth, regularly wants tofu for supper and is unusual about Heating plus A/C settings. My brother is always messing with our home’s control unit too. Basically he wants the house to be 70 degrees no matter what. In the hot season I don’t dare turn on the AC. My brother just about freaks out when he feels the cold air. In the cold season our furnace is going on all afternoon, everyday. My HVAC bills have never been so big. My brother is basically starting to get bacteria on him he has been in our condo so long. I never get even one hour with proper weather conditions control. I am pondering about Heating plus A/C zone control. I could get a ductless mini-split system and install a equipment piece in his room. My brother could control his Heating plus A/C unit to what he wants. Then the rest of the condo all of us would need to be okay on a temperature. If he controls those areas as well though, I will at least have a bedroom that is the correct temperature. But, how long is my brother going to be living with me? Zone control is not exactly an easy thing to get.

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