Learning more about a/c repairs

Being the only male on a whole staff of female can be awful. I am always chewed out and yelled at. The worst is when I get phoned into the area simply because I am a male. The store I task at has a broken A/C unit. The a/c will shut off and refuse to turn on most of the time. All the females call myself when this happen. I suppose because I am a male, they feel I am good at fixing things. I am not exactly a tool belt wearing male though. I am fine with kindles and poetry. Fixing an cooling system is a bit out of the norm for me. However, because I get called all the time I have gotten where I have learned some stuff. I have learned what to start with and go from that point on. The initial thing I attempt is cleaning the air filter on the A/C unit. I learned that the air filter should be changed a few times a month. Sometimes the a/c just stops because it is blocked with debris and can’t operate well. I then switch it out and wipe the coils. Sometimes this will take care of it. If not, after that I need to use the refrigerator and try that. If that does not do a thing, I take a peek at the condensate drain. Sometimes grime builds up and the a/c does not drain well, then removing the grime has the A/C working back in business instantly. So while I would not call myself an a/c dealer, I am quite proud at what I do know now. I am the team handyman at the store for my fierce skills.

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