hydronic heating install went wonderful

There is no one more skilled than my mom. My mother can take on any house repair and do a really good job. She can put up drywall like a licensed professional. She has handled minor electrical and  plumbing challenges with success. Anything that relies on heavy lifting and specialized tools coming out, my mother is the right to call to make. She is more conscientious than an actual professional in my opinion. She does not rush a job or leave a mistake in the end.  There are no errors are made on her watch. That is why I asked my mom for help when I bought radiant floors for my home, rather than spend more money for a professional HVAC corporation to install the heating system. My mom agreed to come over. We set up the heated flooring quite easily. It took a great deal of time, but the job went smoothly. If I had purchased hydronic heating, I might have called an experienced and certified  HVAC contractor. Hydronic heating relies on looping pipes and a boiler to transport the hot water. I went with electric radiant heating which just is comprised of mats installed under the floorboards. My mom and I tore up the existing flooring down to the studs. We fitted the mats in tightly across the entire floor. Then we put down new flooring over top. It was more time consuming than difficult. But, at the end of the job, I was sure the heating equipment was installed perfectly. I tried to pay my mom a little something for the job too.  She only wanted a free lunch out of me. How awesome is that? I got a better heating system installed for free.

hydronic heating

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