Happy our home uses zone control

I work almost entirely at home now, and it is great. Working from home has been so much less stressful.  I was wondering whether or not it would be enjoyable, but it absolutely is. No longer do I have to dress up for work and adhere to a nine-to-five schedule.  I’m not forced to drive a long commute to get to the office. I’m not distracted by coworkers who come to bother me, and I can create any sort of ambience for my work environment that I wish. There is nothing like dressing in my pajamas, sipping coffee and working at two in the morning, or anytime, really.  However, I need to make sure I’m putting in a consistent amount of work every week. I’ve invested in some creature comforts for my home office to make it more comfortable. An extremely comfortable swivel chair and perfectly designed desk made quite an improvement in my performance. Adding a wifi thermostat and installing zone control capabilities for the heating and cooling system has made the biggest difference. The wifi thermostat  allows me to control every single aspect of my home HVAC unit from my smartphone or PC. I don’t need to leave my desk to find the thermostat on the wall. The smart thermostat even began to understand what my habits were and set itself accordingly. Plus, the thermostat will let me know when any maintenance is required, as well as any more details pertinent to my HVAC. The zoom control allows me to set individual temperatures in certain zones of my house, including my work area. I can set the most comfortable temperature for my office alone.  I can keep this single room perfectly comfortable, while having the rest of the house at a moderate temperature. This saves me so much cash on monthly energy bills and keeps the HVAC system healthy.

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