Why is the gym so hot?

I am a member of a very big and fancy gym downtown. The amount of exercise equipment that this gym offers is incredible. There are also numerous classes you can take, like yoga. If ever there was a gym that had all that you could possibly need to keep your figure, it’s the gym that I’m lucky enough to go to. They even have a cafe and big TVs everywhere. All of this is indeed impressive, but there’s just one twist. The gym manager does not seem to believe in climate control, especially air conditioning. I’m not joking when I tell you that as impressive as this gym is, the air conditioning is not really blowing, even in the dead of summer! I come prepared with a gallon of ice water just to come through on my workout routine in the heat. I have brought this up to the head guy time and time again, and it has become pointless. He will ramble on about how warmth is better for a proper workout, because muscles are far more limber instead of being stiff from the cold. Would you believe that it would appear that I am in the minority when it comes to wishing for far more air conditioning. It’s as if all the other members of the gym have taken as reality what is clearly just the owner’s attempt at saving money on HVAC!

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