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I am self-employed and have the freedom to choose my working space. It is a tremendous relief to not have to walk into the same building day in and day out and punch a time clock. I do enjoy collaborating with fellow employees sometimes, to work on group projects or bounce ideas off of them, but I have a surprising amount of freedom when it comes to where I do my writing. There are some mornings when I admit that I don’t feel like leaving the house. I prefer to sit at the computer in my study, with a hot cup of coffee, and a pleasant, cool, breezy air conditioner or delightfully toasty furnace to keep me comfortable, depending on the temp outside.That is absolutely another perk of working wherever I want: being able to use my own excellent HVAC system, instead of being at the mercy of a crappy one in some office building.That is particularly why I really enjoy going to this cafe in the city to write as well. Besides having the best cup of joe around, and a wide array of pastries for breakfast or salads and sandwiches for lunch, the cafe has a conducive environment for writing. I really get a kick out of sitting in a big, comfy chair and enjoying their excellent climate control, as I brainstorm away on my laptop. No matter how extreme the weather, they always seem to set the perfect temperature on the HVAC to keep me comfortable as I write. I adore that little cafe, and I love my writing job!

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