A good HVAC repair job

Going into the field as an HVAC repairman seemed exciting to me when I was younger. I loved to figure out things, I loved hard work and talking with people, and I liked fixing broken things. One thing that I didn’t consider all those years ago was you could really get hurt as an HVAC repairman, especially way up north. When living and working in the north where it is cold and snowy, you must use caution with very large and heavy heating apparatus. I departed to a families house and had just concluded cleaning out another old furnace that had been given the other family problems for weeks. This new family’s  unit was older than almost all the other heated gas furnaces I have ever witnessed, so I was having some problems figuring out what the devil was ailing it. After about an hour, I quit trying and was walking over to the lady who had called me when suddenly the darn thing fell to the ground behind me. Obviously, whoever the HVAC service company was that put in this furnace, didn’t do a good job, because the death trap landed just half a foot from me, giving me and the woman such a start. If I had not been walking away, that might have been my last day on earth. I guess that I learned to be very wary on the job that day!

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