A boiler is used to heat the hotel

There was this ancient, historic, hotel I used to work at. It was not terribly inviting. Well, I typically worked the graveyard shift and sometimes would see some paranormal things, or hear some sobbing out back in the kitchen or racing footsteps on the third floor. The hotel was bona fide haunted. Well, not only would I get the creeps, but because it was so massive and cold, the old boilers couldn’t keep up and were ancient. I begged and begged for the heat to be cranked up a notch, especially at night when there was no natural warmth to be had. They said no because it would be useless. I used to come to the hotel, decked out, layered with a sweater and a scarf. Sometimes I needed two pairs of pants and two pairs of socks! Well, one day, when I came around my desk, I sat down at the desk and bumped my legs off of something metal, which nothing is usually there. It was a heater just for me! I guess someone had pity on me. That little portable heater got me through so many awfully cold nights when I used it on full blast to warm up! I learned it was better in the back office because that was my best chance of it working right, rather than the vaulted lobby! I grew to love that tiny little heater. It heated my work environment and brightened me up!

heater and a/c

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