Bad air quality in the class


Being a trigonometry professor is arguably one of the hardest professions anyone could pursue… When I was in university, the math department professors were always irritable as well as crabby… I thought it was just something that came with trying to teach college kids, since they’re always a rowdy bunch! Now that my wife has become a university mathematics professor, I can clearly see why these educators become so frustrated! I’d be flustered too if I had to be capable of teaching children how to solve complex math problems. However, I will say that I’m reaping the benefits of my wife being a brilliant math professor! For example, she and I recently dealt with our outdoor air conditioning component splitting down. This happened because my wife and I weren’t maintaining a large open part for the component to circulate air. When she and I were shopping for an up-to-date outdoor air conditioning unit, my wife and I were told by some of the professionals at multiple hardware stores that she and I needed to know the square footage of our condo to select the right system. I’m cheerful they told us this, because I was ready to buy a 5-ton air conditioning unit! Anyway, my wife and I had no notion as to what the square footage of our condo would be… My ever-clever wife grabbed a tape measure as well as some painter’s tape, as well as used the painter’s tape to create rectangular sections of our condo. She then calculated the surface part of each section, added them together, as well as boom! My wife and I had our exact square footage, which told us to grab a 2-ton air conditioning unit! Can you imagine that? If we had purchased a 5-ton air conditioning unit, we would have wasted a lot of money. Plus we’d hear the air conditioning clicking on as well as off all through the afternoon as well as night.

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