A/C and the storm

  The worst hurricane season I can remember, has been this one. Usually, it is just a normal time of year, with maybe a little more rain than usual, but this year was horrible. We got hammered by several unusual hurricanes, plus a tropical depression; Surprisingly, it was the low grade tropical depression that did the most property damage to us. Maybe our beach house was weakened by the stronger storms, I don’t know, but it surely made a wreck of my house! I am currently living here while fixing it up but the family stays with my in-laws… Asking my partner & sons to stay here when there is no cooling program seemed cruel & wrong to me. It is tough working in such heat all day with no kind of weather conditions control to help me out. I was actually thinking how awful if I got heat stroke while working here.       

                  That caused me to go out & buy a portable air conditioner unit. It is small, yet powerful enough for cooling down an entire room, so I can drag it with me from room to room as I work. It isn’t perfect, of course, but it makes a world of difference from having no cooling at all.

                 I believe I may actually finish the repairs earlier than expected, because the air conditioner gives me so much more energy to use on my work; Once the central Heating & A/C program for the beach house comes back on, I think I will still keep this small one as a backup.

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