You can get anything printed

My friends in addition to myself work for a company that specializes in accounting and tax preparation. One time during the year, my friends in addition to myself are in charge of budgeting out for printed materials. Around the middle of February, everyone of my friends in addition to myself speak with the printer about our upcoming tax season Flyers. The printing company helps us out with Flyers, banners, in addition to some other things. Last week was our prophet in addition to Lost meeting with the boss, in addition to the fact that both of us had to share some very bad news. We had already hired a printing company to take care of our materials for tax season, in addition to the fact that those materials had come in a few mornings earlier. Unfortunately, everyone of us quickly found out that the information printed on the banner was slightly inaccurate. Our telephone number was inaccurate, in addition to the fact that it was our own fault. My friend in addition to myself received the final proof last month, in addition to said everything was okay. After further checking out that proof, we both saw the number was inaccurate on that page as well. Now the two of us have to be the bearer of bad news to our boss. The $2,000 we spent on printed materials was a wash and we have to spend another two thousands dollars to fix the issue. I thought my boss would flip his lid, but he was reasonable when we made the request.


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