Our house should have custom furniture

After Barry walked through the door the other afternoon you could tell that he was completely angry from his afternoon at work. The first obvious sign was the fact that he walked to the refrigerator and pulled out a case of beer instantly without even saying what’s up. When I got up the courage to ask my Barry how things were, he replied that he could not understand how picky some people were, and he said he has spent the day in the meeting room arguing over furniture for their new office area and didn’t assume how he was going to deal with everyone’s special requests.  It has been bad enough when they were trying to make a decision on where to venue the Heating and Air Conditioning vents because everyone had a new temperature range and now they were trying to tell his that each office wished odd furniture, but not only was this going to cost more due to they could not buy things in larger amounts, but, they were going to have to have a whole team in to try and make everyone glad with the final product. Barry works for a corporation that honestly pushes the happiness of their employees, however, as the office manager his happiness seems to come at the end. Thankfully there corporation is willing to spend the cash for all of the substitutes and at least it won’t chop into their operating price tag. I can understand his anger because how is he supposed to keep track of everything?


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