Getting a better HVAC filter device

I never learned about air filter changing of an A/C all my life! It wasn’t until I was married that such a topic ever came up for me. I still remember my wife asking me to call for HVAC repair one day, as she noticed that our HVAC unit wasn’t blowing out much air, the little bit of air it was circulating also felt warm, regardless of having the thermostat set to seventy five degrees! When I called the heating and cooling repair contractor as well as told them the symptoms our system was showing, they instantly asked when we had last changed the air filter. I did not understand what he was even talking about, so I played dumb as well as said “last year”, thinking it was soon enough. The guy on the other end of the phone line laughed, and said to change it out before I call them back, and well, I knew I needed to buy an air filter, so I went to the store as well as picked out whichever size seemed the most common. When I got back home, I told my wife what the HVAC repair contractor told us to do. “Wait, you never changed the air filter?” She asked, and I answered with a blank stare, she rolled her eyes, grabbing the air filter and walked to the only closet in the new home with a metal door. “This is where it goes”, she said as she opened the door to reveal a sizable big metal box; Right in front of that box was a filter like the one I bought, however covered in dirt as well as dust… As soon as she changed it out, the indoor air conditioning went through the roof! I believe it’s never too late to learn the basics of life, right?

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