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I was about 21 years old when I got my driver’s license, then i remember that day & how proud I was of myself. I had the freedom to drive wherever I wanted to, as long as I could afford the gas mileage to get there & back home, my first automobile was this very large in size station wagon, which had awful and not working well air conditioning & heating when it was first given to myself by our dad. My father told me very straight forward  that he had the tools needed to repair the HVAC system for the car, but he wanted myself and my close friends to repair it. It was important that I have some respect for that car, as I was planning to take it to the ends of the earth, to another planet & back! Over that tepid very hot and warm season, I spent several weeks in our garage with it, tinkering with the air conditioning system & studying guides I found at the Borders that showed myself and my friends who were helping on how to clear the refrigerant lines, flush the car’s duct & ventilation system, & more, however two weeks or so later, I managed to recharge the refrigerant for the car’s air conditioning system system, updated the air filter, & even went as far as replacing the air compressor for the Heating & Air Conditioning system in the old station wagon. It was a ton of work, however legitimately worth the effort, as our automobile had the best air conditioning around of any automobile that our friends had drove in high college! I will say that I wish I fixed the heating system for the automobile at that time, too – the air conditioning was excellent, however the heating plan’s system only made the automobile colder, and well, one step at a time, right? I believe so that is the case!

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