Breaking down our air conditioner

It’s never self-explanatory or very easy to have to clean up after disaster strikes, however while all the people in town goes nuts at the news of an oncoming hurricane, I can only imagine about the aftermath that I’ll have to deal with; How much flooding will come from this? How many of my windows will be blasted to pieces by debris being launched through them at mach light speed? These are my questions, though I know it might be the case for others around me, I can’t help but think about how much this storm is easily going to cost me when we’re finally in the clear with the serious weather, last year, when that big nasty hurricane swept up the side of our state, I thankfully didn’t have drastic structural damage. What I did have, however, was an outdoor a/c condenser that was missing since the worst afternoon of the entire storm. When I found the condenser unit, it was a few houses away from me in a neighbor’s backyard! That condenser component was toast for sure. Not only did the wires and tubing get ripped off as the A/C component was swept out of my house, but the component was upside-down and caked with lots dirt and mud; I was amazed that this thing was fully swept away – up until I realized the cause… My outdoor a/c component was supposed to be propped up on a big old concrete block, which would have ensured that the component was secured totally in place! Instead, I chose to play it dangerously, and I paid the ultimate price. Now I’m in the market for a brand-new a/c condenser unit, and there’s no telling what I’ll end up paying for it now that the major demand has climbed up!

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