The whole home HVAC

I finally went over to my best friend’s lake house yesterday. We typically go back to my apartment, since I have my own venue and she lives at house with her parents; However, she wanted me to meet her brothers and her pet hedgehog. Everyone was honestly nice, her younger brother and I had a lot of nice chats about our favorite animes, and their hedgehog is so cute! The only thing that threw me off was the lake house itself… My best friend’s family is honestly well off, so they live in 1 of the extravagant new developments, in a gated community, in the next town over from mine. However, while the lake house looks nice, it doesn’t feel that way. It wasn’t even that sizzling out, but it was honestly warm in the house. I asked my friend if they were having problems with their central a/c, but she said that’s just the house. She thinks it has no insulation and is just super drafty… But I’m wondering if it’s just the HVAC. I asked if her mother had ever had the heating and cooling plan tested, and she doesn’t suppose that it has. I laughed and said there’s actually some duct cleaning and duct sealing that needs to be done. My uncle works for a heating and a/c contractor and runs into that problem a lot with these newer homes; Ductwork is a lot of service, and if it is not kept up with, your lake house will be freezing in the wintertime and tepid in the summertime.

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