Our pool heating equipment

My parents regularly warned me not buy a fixer upper. So, when my fiance and I were shopping for our first home together, both of us took this to heart… We purchased a newer home built in ‘98, and it doesn’t need a lot of work, just a few small things like weather stripping and a few small things. The main issue both of us had resolved quickly was a housing inspection, as my fiance and I were not buying a place with a falling apart Heating and Air Conditioning system. Fortunately, the home has an oldie and a goodie. The apartment runs on a gas boiler, with original pipes. The boiler is outdated but in fantastic shape. Our complications came in the one location both of us didn’t expect–the pool. We were told the pool just needed to be cleaned and opened officially. But this is not the case. We had it cleaned and drained, only to find it needs major repairs. The kind that requires drilling into our pool. I was heartbroken. The task called for just about digging up the whole pool. But my ever-cheerful fiance decided this was an opportunity to heat the pool! Apparently both of us can install a gas furnace for the pool that works the same way radiant floors do: pipes will carry hot water out to the walls of the pool, which will gently heat them, and warm up the water. We can hook the plan up to our gas boiler, which will save a lot of money on the upgrade cost; Live it to my fiance to find an upside anywhere.

boiler check up

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