Need the cooling system taken care of

As a new homeowner, there was a ton of  stuff I didn’t know about that I now have to take care of on a regular basis, and it wasn’t until I became a homeowner that I had to worry about laying new shingles on the roof, just as I didn’t have to worry about having to replace appliances around the home as they break down! One of the hardest things I had to get used to was keeping my home in check; The washer and dryer were among the first appliances to break down, followed closely by the home’s heating and air conditioning system. I could go to a laundromat while I take care of the repairs on my washer and dryer.  Having no functional air conditioning system at my home made life much harder than it needed to be! First I had to call a local HVAC repair business and schedule a visit while I was home. There were no times open after my workday, so I had to set whatever time I could and deal with having to call out of work. When the day came where I had my visit scheduled, and I waited patiently at home. The professional wound up arriving about 2 hours late, and didn’t have all the tools he needed for the job either. It was a little frustrating to say the least! Now I had to figure out how I was going to call out of another day of work without being penalized, just because this guy couldn’t get the HVAC tools and resources he needed together for the job. The most frustrating thing came to pass when the professional made it on his next visit, and found that the air filter simply needed to be replaced! That was the cause of the entire problem – a four-dollar item that I could’ve bought from the grocery store on the way home is all my heating and air conditioning system needed to be functional again. Well, like I said – that’s something I never knew until I was a homeowner!

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