Poor AC in our school

I am absolutely livid at the state of our local schools. I know that times are tough, and cutbacks are hitting everyone particularly hard this year, but this is getting ridiculous. If we cannot provide our young students with the proper tools to get an education, we will end up with a nation of idiots! You don’t have to support schools just because you personally have kids there, because schools and education affects the entire society. First of all, there are so many classes using outdated textbooks. They just can’t afford new ones, which are too expensive. Even worse, some of the classrooms don’t have air conditioning in them. That may sound like a luxury, because cool A/C is not a human right, but this is different. Some of these portable classrooms are located in trailers outside the school, and they have no A/C units in them at all. Last week it was over 90 degrees outside, and in some of those un-air conditioned trailers the temperature was also 90 degrees. Keeping kids locked in sweltering hot rooms all day long with no cooling is downright dangerous to their health! Inside the main school they have central A/C but the system is very old and doesn’t work well. At least those kids have some form of cooling, however sporadic, but the kids in the trailers are stuck in hot-boxes all day! Not only can these kids not focus on education, but without any climate control they are also putting their health at risk just by going to class.

indoor air quality 

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