Hot HVAC worker

The grocery store was on my list of stops to make after work today, as I needed to grab some paper cups and plates, and maybe even some gift-wrap if they had a pattern I liked. When I pulled into the parking lot, I looked at my phone and saw a text from my husband, asking for me to pick up an air filter for our heating and air conditioning system. Apparently we hadn’t changed it in six months, and that’s bad news! We should be changing the air filter monthly. Anyway, as I read the text, I heard this big Heating and Air Conditioning service van screeching to a stop in the parking space right beside me. I glanced up to the side of the van, since the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C logo on the side was pretty eye-catching. It said “Heating you up and cooling you down for the past 20 years!” Cute turn of phrase. Well, the HVAC service van’s door opened up, and these two big muscular guys jumped out and ran into the grocery store. These guys were huge! They must’ve built up those muscles from carrying around compressors and air conditioning units all day. I would know – we have a room air conditioner in our garage, and that thing weighs at least eighty pounds! Anyhow, I followed them into the store, and saw they were walking towards the back of the “home supplies” aisle. They each picked up a different sized air filter, and as they walked by me I heard them say “ONE of these two filter sizes has to be right!” Ah, that was a laugh I needed! Sadly I had such a good laugh about what the guys said, I walked right past the air filters and went home without picking up a new filter. I wasn’t going to tell my husband I was distracted by two muscular men!

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