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After years of continual saving, I was finally able to live my lifelong dream of owning a cabin in the woods.  When I was a kid my parents took me to my grandpa’s cabin all of the tme. We spent more than a dozen holidays there regardless of how meager the accommodations were, like no running water plus no air conditioning.  But it didn’t matter to me at that age, I was glad to sleep in the top bunk with only my sleeping bag and a book to read. When I started seriously looking at cabins to buy, I figured I could just get essentially the same thing our family had.  But then my neighbor asked me if I planned on having a HVAC system in my cabin. I told her no, I figured an AC wasn’t necessary, especially since I knew I wasn’t going to live there full time plus the weather was mostly dry and cool throughout the year.  But she told me I should really reconsider and proceeded to tell me a handful of horror stories from people who had toxic black mold slowly form in their cottages during the most humid summer afternoons and the considerable effect on respiratory health this has after continued exposure.  She reassured me that having an air conditioner running didn’t mean that it was mandatory to set it to a temperature to leave it cycle nonstop around the clock while I’m gone. She said I should buy a humidistat–it signals the thermostat to turn on if the humidity inside the cabin reaches whichever number the dial is set to.  So if the weather outside is in the low 80s but the humidity is down at 40 or 50 percent, unless you set the dial to go below 40, the air conditioner won’t kick on regardless of how hot it gets. I’m ecstatic I listened to my neighbor, it’s great to have the air conditioner to turn on when I arrive for hunting trips plus I can rest easily knowing the indoor climate is controlled for mold while I’m away.  

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