The air conditioner is what I needed

I enjoy my morning jog however the climbing heat indexes nearly every morning are starting to seriously affect my health.  I have been slowly getting dizzier as well as finding that I can’t run as far as I usually do without getting boiled over and dehydrated.  For the first month I thought I could tough it out, however after my doctor started to take notice in my worsening health she told I had to tell myself enough was enough–it’s time to make a change.  She asked me if I had ever been on a treadmill before or had ever considered purchasing one. The only time I had ever used one was a handful of times at the gym and I definitely had never considered owning one.  She said that if I had a treadmill, I could jog indoors in the comfort and safety of cool air from the AC. It just takes a little thinking outside the box as well as putting my heating and cooling system to good use.  I had to admit too, just the thought of running while enjoying tv or listening to my stereo in the cool comfort of 75 degree air was severely tempting. Not only that, I figured I could run longer as well as getting a better workout if I’m doing it in a dry air conditioned room.  I finally bought a treadmill and I don’t think I could ever look back. I can run at any time of the morning or afternoon, regardless of the temperature outside or anything else. My treadmill has a few different resistance settings as well as adjustable speeds and it’s reassuring knowing I’m in the safety of my condo in case I accidentally strain a muscle or slip and have an accident.  When the weather’s nice, it’s almost impossible to beat the allure an outdoor run. The breeze is so nice and I love feeling the sun on my skin like a warm blanket when the intensity and temperature are just right. Even so, I think I enjoy my indoor runs more now. Like my doctor said, it’s nice to put my air conditioner to good use.

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