The air conditioner is fixed!

Hardly anything is regarded as sacred these days. There was a time when even the thought of stealing from a church would seem sacrilegious. Now, in addition to robbing churches, criminals have descended to the level of desecrating graves to reclaim valuable things buried with the deceased. Words like loathsome, sickening, repugnant as well as just plain low, are inadequate to describe such an act.

               Recently, the thieves in our neighbourhood have graduated to stealing electricity from power lines. They are too lazy to work and pay their power bills so when their supply gets disconnected, they resort to theft. I sometimes wonder if our Heating as well as A/C condenser, which has to be outside, is safe from those hoodlums. We enjoying a television show a few evenings ago, surrounded by cool fresh air from our air conditioning system unit, when the whole place went black. All our appliances, including our Heating & A/C unit, went dead. We were confused as well as dripping with sweat in the darkness, when a call came in explaining that the power outage was a glitch resulting from electricity theft, and that power would be restored momentarily.The power did return, we reprogrammed our Heating & A/C plan and continued enjoying our show.

           Of course, we were all more than a little shaken up by the whole incident. Days later, we decided to have burglar bars installed as a precaution. We also want to secure our condenser similarly, but not before we ask the opinion of our Heating & A/C supplier on that subject. It is trying to have to live this way but at least, with bars on the windows, the two of us can open them up and turn our A/C off, if our utility bills get too high.

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