That is a good decision we made

When I was pregnant I was miserable.I live in the south and it is so darn hot here. On top of that, I was pregnant in the dead of summertime. Being outside was torture, but luckily, my AC worked perfectly and I made it cool non-stop. I am not exaggerating, I kept the house set on 67 degrees. My poor hubby walked around with three layers of clothes in the house, while I was perfectly comfortable in my shorts. When people came over, he would warn them to bring jackets. They would laugh because it was August and all he would say was,“don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Sure enough, they would come over to visit to see the progress on the nursery & would shivering the whole time they were here. I just told them to stop being so dramatic because I refuse to change the temperature control. I was so comfortable and this was the only venue in the world I could control that way. I couldn’t ask stores & steakhouses to change their temperature controls to accommodate the pregnant woman, although that could be cool.. I loved how well my Heating and  A/C unit worked so I never wanted to leave.

Of course, once I went to the hospital, had the baby and returned with our little boy, I walked into a frozen Tundra. I couldn’t believe I’d put my poor husband through all that torture. I hastily ran to the temperature control before I froze to death. I set the thermometer at a nice 73 degrees and asked my husband why he had the house set so cold, he rolled his eyes and said he was happy to have me back to normal.


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