Keep that heater clean!

After a nice romantic weekend breakfast with my spouse, the two of us come back to the beach house and always start up the fireplace in our lounge. We just had the fireplace installed about 3 months ago. The reason the two of us decided to was not only for that romantic atmosphere, but because it was a great way to save on our energy costs. This time of year gets a bit on the chilly side, but rather than have the heating and cooling system cranking the heater, the two of us shut it down… Not always, but at night the fireplace can replace the furnace while in the lounge. This month alone, we’ve saved roughly fifty dollars off our energy bill alone from using the fireplace instead of the heating and cooling system. If you think about it, a fireplace is much more romantic of a setting anyhow. Who would want to enjoy a late night glass of wine in front of a boring old ductwork vent? Not me, not my spouse, and not any friends of mine that I know–that’s for sure! Having a late night glass of wine right after a romantic night with our spouse by the fireplace is so relaxing, then getting the right tunes playing on the stereo, and the lights dimmed a special way, it’s magic. That’s the best way I can describe it. I’ll never get rid of our fireplace because of this as well. Even if the fireplace was absolutely raising the energy bill, I wouldn’t care. A fireplace beats a heating and A/C system, a furnace or any kind of cooling unit any day! I must go now. It’s time for another late night glass of wine with the spouse in front of our nice fireplace!

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