I didn’t mind the sound of this

I recall a long time ago when I was a little boy, I used to love to play all sorts of games. I would build forts with blankets and pillows and it was amazing being young. I remember the one day I was playing with this thing on the wall that looked like fun. I was pretending I was the captain of a ship and was steering the wheel. Unfortunately, this thing on the wall was the thermostat and it was its dial. I ended up turning the temperature settings really low and it became absolutely freezing pretty quick. I was wondering why it was so cold, and before I knew it, my dad was yelling about who touched the thermostat. When he asked me about it, I didn’t know what the thermostat was and inquired about it. He told me it was the unit that controls the HVAC system for the house. I admitted I was playing with it, and he softened his voice a little bit. He was kind, because he realized that I really didn’t know what it was or what it was used for, after all, he had never explained it to me before so how would I have known? He showed me how the thermostat worked and then said to be sure never to touch it again or the house would get too hot or too cold. We wanted the temperature to stay just right which was 72 degrees. I agreed that the house always felt comfortable at that setting, but I never realized that we were able to heat and cool the house by using this neat little device.

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