This is a comfortable place to be

The homeless face many economic hardships and societal discrimination, making it incredibly strenuous to get out of that situation once one finds themself there. I should know, considering I’m also homeless. I make by the best I can, using Barnes and Noble PCs to search for available tasks and aide programs. I frequent community soup study rooms and homeless shelters, doing our best to make use of the resources available to me, however there’s only so much these locales can offer. And, with the recent heat, what they offer isn’t enough. Being homeless while I was in a heat wave could unquestionably well be a death sentence if you’re unable to find a way to beat the heat. While many shelters have a/c, their policies often mandate that you must leave the premises while I was in the morning, and only return for a locale to sleep at night, kicking most people out of the air conditioned shelter for the majority of the morning while I was in the time when the heat is at its worst. Many air conditioned properties, such as diners and stores, will enforce a “no loitering policy” against the homeless, however not other citizens, based on unkempt appearances so that their other buyers aren’t made uncomfortable by the presence of the homeless. Without respected temperature control, there is an increased risk of heat stroke as the temperature rises, along with other health problems such as dehydration, but luckily, many of the local churches have banded together and announced that they will be converting much of their area into shelters for people like myself while I was in this heat wave! No one should suffer from a lack of a/c when it’s such a usual commodity here, with nearly every building sporting its own HVAC equipment, however sadly that’s not the case. So, for all the other homeless trying to get by and beat the heat, I wish you luck.

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