I’d like to install a new furnace

I’m not sure what bizarre generational gap exists in our family, but for some reason, our mom and her mother do not get along, and I’m clueless as to why. Our grandma is the most delightful lady you’ll ever meet, and Mom, for the most part, is a pretty civil, understanding woman! Mom has always been kind and thoughtful to me, even when we can’t see eye to eye on issues. However, she likes to judge and critique everything Grandma does, and recently, Grams had her home modified to get radiant heated floors installed! Since she and Grandpa are getting older, it seemed like a practical idea. With the radiant heater, she can enjoy a gentle warmth that is both efficient and easy to maintain. The system doesn’t have A/C ducts, so it actually requires little servicing, so that means there’s one thing less for Grams to be concerned with. The radiant heated floors are also less harsh on her joints; she has to wear shoes inside regardless, but having heat that flows up within an entire room gives Grandma less pain and discomfort in the wintertime. Mom griped that radiant gas oil furnaces were still not worth getting because they make your floors ugly. But then I explained that you can absolutely install radiant heated floors with more style choices now than ever before, so you’re not that limited at all. Grandma has lovely tile and laminate wood flooring that looks and feels terrific. Once I explained all of the pros and minute cons, Mom stopped debating. Now, she wants radiant heated floors at her place too!

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