We like the rustic look

I was sitting in our bathroom the other day. I was about to clean it, and I thought about all of the wasted space, and how old the tub, sink, and faucets were. They were in this home when we purchased it, and that was over twenty years ago. Back after that I had all kinds of plans to remodel, but life happened and the bathrooms have not been touched. Since the one bathroom is downstairs where just supplier used, we are just going to freshen it up. The one my wife and I use, I want to be something spectacular. They have these magazines that all show current types of interior design.  I found one in our local home improvement center, and I have been reading it. I’ve got to find a way to put in the Glamor in Silverleaf. There is this amazing mirror that has silver leaves imprinted in the glass. Everything has the sheen of silver, and it is stunning. I could also go with the Tuscan Beauty bathrooms, however I would have to change everything. My wife must have leaned more toward the Rustic Meets Traditional style. She was out the other day and she came home with a one-piece shower stall that is sizable enough for two people, a current vanity mirror without the gaudy light bulbs that just stick out, and a traditional porcelain sink. At least she got the raised faucet, so we can wash our hands without banging them on the porcelain. At least I get a current overhaul of the old bathroom!

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