I would love a new job

For years i’ve had a lot of interest in the HVAC industry; the whole concept of heating and cooling has had myself and others from the time I was only 12 years old. From the different kinds of HVAC equipment, to the miracles of HVAC units with humidifiers plus air purification systems. However it was all interesting to me, how it all worked. Then growing up from that point on, our goal was to learn more plus become an HVAC service provider! As technology advanced, I went and researched more and more. The newer concept of radiant heater floors actually got my attention. Who ever thought that you could genuinely have a heating system installed in your flooring? That alone amazed me. Then having those whole-condo humidifiers, isn’t that something special! So, fast forward about 10 years to when I turned twenty many years ago. I went to university plus took classes on becoming a certified HVAC contractor. It took only one year to get the degree, then I was off to start my brand new career! How excited I was as well. I managed to get a job at a heating and cooling company that was within 30 minutes of where I just got my apartment. This is the heating and cooling company I’m still at today. I now have my own condo where the mortgage is nearly paid off, plus I’m making truly nice hourly rates as a heating and cooling maintenance technician. Looking back all those years ago, being middle aged now, it seems like a dream. But nope, it’s real. I have been a certified HVAC specialist going on 30 years this week. And I’m real proud of myself too!

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