I like to have my mom around

My daughter, like most girls, likes to imitate her mother.  It is sweet and comical to watch her follow her mom around like a shadow.  The other day my wife had a list of chores that she needed to accomplish over the weekend.  When the day began, the numerous of them were in the bathroom together, my wife shaving plus our child pretending to do the same.  When I peeked into the garage my wife was underneath our lifted car with my child crouched down by her legs holding a wrench. The final project of the day was to scrub our outside air conditioner unit.  Cleaning the outside A/C component is a chore that my wife has on her list every Springtime. Cleaning the outside component is crucial element of keeping our a/c running effectively. It releases the heat through the refrigerant that is absorbed from our air inside.  The refrigerant flows through the condenser coils plus if it is covered in dirt it can’t release the heat. In return, the air conditioner will need to run longer try to cool our home. This will mean higher electric bills plus a possible break down from the a/c overheating.  So, I watched my wife plus her little helper find the electrical disconnect to the outside component and switch the position to off. My child really got to hold the water hose to spray off the sod, dirt and leaves that had gathered on the outside of the A/C unit. My wife sprayed the coil cleaner onto the outside component and then waited a little while for the foam to absorb the dirt on the coils.  My child again had the delight of using the water hose to perform the final rinse.

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