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A good buddy of ours named Samantha was planning on going to a university here in town.  She just finished with high school this year and instead of going into art university like she originally planned she has decided to either become and electrician or an heating and air conditioning serviceman.  I guess that there are a shortage of ladies in this line of work, so I suppose that it’s a entirely great thing for her to do. She had a graduation gathering last month and while her family and friends were all there, she announced her plans to train to be a heating and air conditioning technician.  You could have heard a cricket chirp. Her Grandparents were especially shocked, since they were pretty excited about her going to a prestigious art university in town. She just said that she had changed her mind and she had become interested in heating and air conditioning work. She said that she couldn’t stop thinking about learning all that she could about heating and air conditioning systems. I started clapping excitedly at the end of her speech because I think going to a technical university is a great plan and I suppose Samantha would do great at running her own heating and air conditioning corporation someday. Her Grandparents looked at me love I was stupid, but I didn’t care. I’m planning on supporting Samantha while she is in her heating and cooling classes and helping her out any way that I can.   Especially if her family isn’t going to be supportive of her decision! Also, I’m hoping to one day get some free advice on our oil furnace and our a/c once she becomes a certified heating and A/C professional!

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