Hearing some songs

A friend of mine recently asked me to come along with him for his studio recording session. He loved his music and he insisted on recording on the professional level. He was a great friend so, I decided to support him in this. I had heard him play songs of his before, and they were really great! Unfortunately, the studio he had booked didn’t seem to have effective air conditioning. it was pretty hot and humid in there. I asked someone if they can lower the thermostat and get the air going and he said the HVAC system had broken down. He said not to worry and that there was an HVAC repairman on the way. I wish we had known about this problem earlier so that we could have rescheduled the session for a time when the AC was actually working. it turns out they were booked for weeks and this is one of my friends only chances to record. I thought maybe all the heat and humidity would put a damper on my friends performance, but I was very wrong. He totally killed it in there! when he was finished  I patted him on the back and said that was by far the best performance I had heard from him. He told me part of what helped him was wanting to get to take right the first time so that he could be finished as quickly as possible to get out of that hot box of a studio!

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