Feeling the fabric

When I moved into my home, I inherited a great deal of furniture that once belonged to my Grandparents.  These pieces not only have a history and hold sentimental value but are of excellent quality. Unfortunately, not everything was in perfect condition.  While the black walnut family room table was really charming, the cushions of the matching chairs were stained and ripped. The frame of the couch was still good, but again the cushions and fabric detracted rather than complimented my decor.  I didn’t want to get rid of the furnishings, yet I wasn’t eager to display them in my home. I needed some major updating and repairs to everything. I called around and eventually got in touch with a local custom furniture shop. Included in their services, they offer reupholstery and repair of antique pieces.  It was nice to work with a professional furniture maker who provided a wide range of options and helpful recommendations. The reupholstery was a cost-effective solution, which allowed me to retain the quality of the older furniture without sacrificing comfort or style. With a nearly endless selection of fabric choices, I was able to customize the end result to suit my preferences.  I chose the style, color and feel of the fabric, and the custom furniture shop created a fresh, new look for the furniture. Because of an on-site workroom, the whole project was handled right on the premises and completed quite quickly They upheld an exacting standard of materials, procedures and details which gives me confidence that the final product will hold up to time and usage.  Also, this particular custom furniture shop stands behind their work with 100% satisfaction guarantee for ten years.

denver tufted bed 

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