Choosing my colors

My family has owned and operated a custom furniture shop for the past seventy years.   The store began with my Grandfathers, who started with one small room where they worked together to design and build the furniture.  My Grandfather bought hardwood from a local mill and painstakingly crafted each individual piece. My Grandma handled the upholstery, staining and finishing of the furniture.  They made dining room tables, bed frames, chairs, bureaus, armoires, and all sorts of amazing things. As more and more people heard about the quality of the furniture, the business steadily grew.  Once my father and uncle joined the business, they expanded to include both a big showroom and workshop. I have worked with my parents in the custom furniture shop since I was just a little kid. I’ve learned how to custom design and build the furniture. I’ve also learned how to work with the clients.  Very often, people come in and they aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for. I help them determine the style they are targeting, and choose colors, textures, and fabrics. Sometimes we custom design one piece, such as a couch or a side table, and at other times, we design an entire room, from the rugs and curtains, to every piece of furniture. Watching a space take shape is a absolutely rewarding process.  The end result is far more satisfying than if the client simply picked out random pieces available at the local furniture store. Because we custom make each piece, they are one of a kind and always reflects the customer’s personality and preferences.

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