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Recently, I have been dedicating so much of our time to finding a better job, it’s actually starting to affect my projects. You see, I’ve been looking high and low for a paid position that would suit me, however I have been unlucky finding the right fit thus far. I’m starting to believe that I have no future and a new position will never present itself. However, something inside of me keeps whispering “Heating & A/C serviceman.”

             For ages I have been independently researching heating and cooling method technologies, and planning for a whole modern air quality method at home. I find the furnace and A/C units on the market this week to be incredibly interesting, and I know everything there is about the inner working of ordinary heating and cooling equipment. I have l know how to fix my own central air treatment plan, and it runs very efficiently without the help of a professional Heating & A/C serviceman. It also helps that I purchased the most high tech air temperature control method available this week.

           I love our amazing radiant radiant heated floors, energy star rated A/C unit, and smart thermostat more than any other thing. I wish I could help spread this pleasant air quality to everyone I know, and to receive money doing it. The only problem is that this work path will require more education. That means I can’t get started with my heating and cooling job yet,  which hurts my bank account to contemplate. Maybe if I hadn’t spent so much money on our modern high tech heating and cooling system, I would be able to consider Heating & A/C trades school.

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