These repairs are not cheap

My mother & father are certainly thrifty people.  They love to save on anything and everything possible.  This includes everything from groceries to beach house repairs to small appliances.  I can’t comprehend how they have the patience to yard sale shop, however it seems to work for them.  It was annoying as a young child because my parents never let me purchase the clothes I wanted; I had to consistently wait for the items to be on sale, but last year, my parents were having problems with their furnace.  It wasn’t working to its fullest capacity, so they were getting nervous. Eventually, the heating unit shut off completely. It was still Fall, so my parents felt they had time to shop around for a inexpensive repair. They searched online for someone willing to repair the unit for a lower price.  They stumbled upon someone that could come by the house the same afternoon. The repairman sounded like she was dumb-founded from the beginning. Parts and pieces were flying everywhere, the house had a strong smoke order, & she was working forever. After many hours, she walked right out the front door! She had the nerve to ask for money, however my dad refused her.  My father called for a expert repairman & it took weeks before they could come by the house. Winter was coming, so they were anxious about not having heat. When the repairman came, she informed my parents that they were in desperate need of a up-to-date furnace. If they had called a professional from the start, maybe they could have avoided the need of a up-to-date furnace! I suppose they was taught  their lesson; you should never be a penny pincher on a heating repair.

heater repair 

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