The A/C can’t be moved

This is a great time to be alive… Even though it’s all recent technology, I couldn’t imagine living in a time when you couldn’t pull up your cellphone to ask a random medical question, track down your friends in real time with GPS, or check the weather conditions at home from hundreds of miles away… All of these advancements genuinely make life easier and so much more informative. Still, there are some major downsides with how thoroughly integrated our lives are with technology now. It turns out that when one piece of technology is highly reliant on another, it can bring the whole system down. And this is exactly what happened a couple of days ago when an immense storm blew through and threw off our thermostat programming at home. See, I recently had a smart thermostat installed with our HVAC program, and I wasn’t entirely sure how it operated yet. It was working fine, supplying us with fresh plus cool air inside, despite the hot, humid air outside. As this massive storm blew through, I suffered a power outage and suddenly the AC stopped. As the power flickered back on, I realized that the smart thermostat had gone offline; it was no longer connected to the WIFI or the AC unit. I figured that the only way to reconnect the temperature control panel with the air handling equipment was to use the app. However, when I attempted to access the smart thermostat application, I realized that it wasn’t working either. The storm had knocked down a cable line, leaving us without working WIFI. I couldn’t access the app, locate a WIFI signal, or connect our thermostat to the a/c plan manually. In the end, I was stranded without any indoor temperature control for more than two afternoons thanks to good old modern technology.

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