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My boss at the bar where I work was convinced that the bartender was stealing money from the tip jars as well as the cash register till. However she had cameras aimed at the registers, but she was unable to find a way to catch the bartender red-handed. My boss grew so convinced that the bartender was taking money that she did something completely deranged as well as out of character.  There was a heating duct in the wall at the end of the bar close to the main register, and one night when the bartender was going to be closing up all alone, our boss decided to unscrew the cover to the air ventilation duct and then climb inside to hide. She was sure that she would catch the bartender stealing money from the till. She knew she would see it with her own many eyes, and granted, she would be peering from between tiny slits in a metal heating duct cover, but she didn’t care. She climbed in, pulled the vent back into location behind her, and then she settled down to wait. She never saw any untoward action from the bartender all night; as a matter of fact, the bartender in question worked super hard and he even did everything according to the book. He cleaned up, closed down, counted the money, made out the deposit, and then he turned the heating down to the official temperature on the thermostat. He even noticed that the four screws from the air ventilation duct for the Heating and Air Conditioning device were loosened so he got a screwdriver to tighten them back down. This was hilarious because then, of course, our boss ended up stuck in the heating ventilation duct for the whole night on her spying mission – with nothing left to spy on!  

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