I can never stop sweating

My wifey plus I constantly bicker about the air conditioning component in our loft apartment.  The two of us moved in together 8 weeks ago plus everything has been an easy adjustment. The two of us picked out the style of our furniture together, designed the artwork in  the apartment, plus developed an agreeable routine for our new life together. The two of us appreciate residing together; it has been a welcome change since we were residing in different areas of the state for 3 years.  Maintaining a long distance relationship is extremely challenging, so residing together was comparable to a breath of fresh air. The only area of residing together that has been challenging is agreeing on the air conditioning settings.  At evening, my wifey wakes up in sweats. She overheats particularly easily, so she prefers to keep the air conditioning on a cool setting at all times. She does this even when it’s not hot or humid outside. I can’t handle this for numerous reasons, then first, it is a major waste of energy plus money.  It causes our annually energy costs to increase. Second, I am constantly freezing cold while I am sleeping. It doesn’t help that I get freezing particularly easily. The two of us can’t seem to come up with an agreeable solution. Some evenings, she has slept on the couch so that she could turn on the air conditioning in the room plus I could stay hot in the spare bedroom.  This is not a solution to our current issues. Hopefully, we can come up with a new solution that will allow us to be together without her covered in sweat from overheating. I should try wearing heavier pajamas to sleep; maybe this will allow me to be more comfortable; In our next apartment, though, we will be looking for a more efficient, cost friendly selection for our cooling system.  Then, we won’t be wasting as much money on energy costs.

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