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For as long as I can remember taking care of things is my passion. I’ve always owned pets of all sizes and kinds ranging from miniature hamsters to horses. But my greatest satisfaction  is providing the best love and care and attention to our little furry friends through good and bad times. That’s why it was absolutely devastating last weekend when our Heating plus A/C plan failed promoting the genocide that occured in my own kitchen. I was heading out of town for a major company trip and needed to get the new home prepared for my departure.  It was first warm week of the season and I had turned the oil furnace down to a comfortable setting. I only wanted it running enough to keep the pipes from freezing in case the weather took a turn for the worse! Of course, it’s exactly what happened! An unexpected winter storm blew through the area only 2 nights into our trip. Truthfully, I thought I made every precaution and my place was fine, however, I was wrong. I returned to the house and found the whole house was frigid cold. The thermostat was reading only 24 degrees when I stepped in the door and I was nothing short of shocked.  When I took a look at the thermostat I found the heating and cooling system had gone offline meaning the oil furnace was no longer talking to the temperature control device. I was frustrated with having to call an HVAC serviceman as soon as I got in from our trip. Even more distressing was all our dead fish who had perished in a solid block of ice.

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