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When my older sister Patty is on break from college, she stays with me.  Patty gets into continual fights with our mother. Mom and my sister are like oil and water. So I was the lucky one who  gets Patty during brief and sometimes extended breaks. My sister is super immature and totally unaware of what is going on around her. I am trying to solve this selfish behavior.  Patty drives me bonkers when she leaves the air conditioner running all of the time. Patty will start up the A/C unit while she gets ready for the day. Then she will just leave. She won’t bother to turn the A/C off but leave it running at the high setting. Sometimes she will even leave open windows with the air conditioner blasting. That I can not live with. It is so bad for the cooling system. If she allows the hot outside air to roll in and the air conditioner’s cooled air to escape,  maintaining the temperature set on the thermostat is next to impossible. The air conditioner never gets the opportunity to turn off but experiences constant wear and tear. When the cooling system is working all day, it will eventually fail. Not only do the energy bills go up, the cooling unit is more likely to malfunction and need a repair. If this behavior continues, the air could even need to be replaced. I refuse to spend a fortune on a new air conditioner simply because Patty can’t bother to close a window. I need to train her tin acceptable behavior. I should make her pay the higher costs of the monthly energy bill.

air conditioner tune-up 

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