Living in a rural area

Living in a rural and unpopulated area, it’s very difficult for me to have repair people or deliveries make it to my house.  I enjoy the quiet and solitude. I’m happy for the minimal traffic nearby and the lack of disruptions that neighbors tend to bring.  My home is surrounded by large tracts of trees, and a lovely lake is visible. But, last winter when I had problems with my furnace, my location became an issue.  I noticed my heating system was running longer cycles. Between the uncharacteristic noise and the increased energy usage, I knew I had to get a
heating professional.  I knew not-so-nearby HVAC suppliers would be reluctant to cover the distance, but I expected to pay extra for travel and service. Unfortunately, it was the peak winter season, with consistently low temperatures and constant snowfall. Heating techs and suppliers were seriously
busy. The best any servicer could do was shoot for ten days from my call. I reluctantly accepted, knowing my furnace operation was deteriorating. Despite upping the thermostat setting, the rooms were chilly. The heater cycled constantly but failed to keep up with the uncooperative weather. With
a window for service between 9am and 4pm I spent my day waiting for a tech who never showed.  After complaining to the HVAC supplier I was told the repairman couldn’t find my house. I was relieved when the service technician finally arrived.

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