It’s crazy in here

The lease on our last home ran out in the middle of December.  I moved during the middle of a horrible wintertime blizzard. The outside temperature was down to fifteen below zero with drastic wind chill.  It was also snowing heavily and there was a travel advisory in effect. It was not much fun driving a moving van over icy roads with zero visibility.  Plus, the heater in the moving van didn’t work and I had trouble keeping the windshield defrosted. I had the heat shut off in the old house, plus it was freezing cold.  I made a too many trips between the house and the moving van, carrying all of my belongings down three flights of stairs. Bundled up for winter I switched between shivering and sweating.  Once I arrived at the new place, I started the horrible process all over again. I carried all of our stuff up two flights of stairs to rooms with no heat. Since I was leaving the door to the place wide open, I didn’t want to run the heater.  My heated air would escape. With the cost of operating the heater, I wasn’t willing to waste energy. It took me a while to get everything situated. I then needed to return the moving van. Before I left, I cranked up the thermostat and heard the gas furnace kick in.  By the time I got back, I expected the rooms to be warm. Instead, it was super cold because the heater was blasting cold air. Although I fiddled with the controls, I couldn’t get it to switch to heating mode. I finally had to call a heat company for assistance.

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