It is just way too hot in here

Living here in the southern states can be irritating if you aren’t used to the humidity and the heat. If you’re you’re similar to me, only 35 minutes of being outside can have you covered in sweat, through your clothes, and for several of us, the only escape is having excellent air conditioning in every building, grocery store, or enclosed space for that matter. Most of the time, my window box air conditioning does the task just fine and keeps my studio beach house pretty cool! Recently though, tragedy struck – literally, when a heavy tree came down during a thunderstorm, and tore my window air conditioning unit right out of the frame! Not only did it startle the mess out of me, I also had a giant hole in my wall during a heavy downpour! I scrambled to find trash bags and hastily tape them together to seal up the window as best as I could, however there was still a ton of water that came in. I resolved to wait until the storm passed in order to tend to this issue, and fell back asleep in my bed. My terrible luck continued, as I woke up an hour later, hot! The rain had stopped, and now my little house was so tepid and humid that I felt like I was in a sauna! Angry and sleepy, I climbed into my bathtub and turned on the shower, letting cool water rain down on myself to lull myself into a nap for about another hour or so. Finally, I got up, still tired however eager to fix my troubles, and shut off the shower to dry off and assess the damage from the storm. Thankfully, the water damage wasn’t too bad, and once I removed the trash bags and opened other windows, the heat flowed out pretty hastily. Did I mention that all of this happened on a Monday? I was so irritated that I had to spend my weekend – and my money – on a new window box unit, although I absolutely wasn’t going to try and beat it out through another afternoon of this heat.

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