I think I can rent my home

I have no sympathy for people who reside down south.  After living in the north for my whole life, I have become rather  bitter. I have dealt with outside temperatures well below zero. I have had shovel driveways and brush tons of snow off of my car. I have frequently driven in white-out conditions, while other cars were spinning off the road. Southerners constantly complain about being too hot. How dare they talk about too much heat in their location. I would give up most anything to be too hot. Pretty much every season I am way too cold and have to depend on the furnace. The moment the leaves start to turn, the heating system goes on. The furnace is rather costly to operate for such a long Winter season. The Springtime just brings more cold weather and slushy snow. I still need to use the heating system and wear boots and a winter coat all season long. Summer finally allows the heating system to be shut off. In my area there is no cooling system needed.  I’m must happy not to need heating. The hottest temperature I can ever remember is a day when it climbed up to 90 degrees. In the south, their Winter weather is like Summer for me. They pretend to need their furnaces and wear wool coats. How ridiculous. They should be able to get by with space heaters. They don’t even need a gas furnaces for their mild weather. In the Summer, they start whining about being too hot. I never need to put on sunblock and get by with fans. They run the AC almost year round, because of the beautiful weather. They can go outside at any time of year. The can get fresh air.

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