I don’t want to work on the heater

The weather turned cold as early as October this year.  All of us needed to swiftly put away the patio furniture, barbecue grill as well as turn off the swimming pool… There was no opportunity to a professional specialist run tests on the furnace by this time.  I had no choice but to start up the gas furnace, because the temperature outside was down in the thirties. I had to remind myself to replace the air filter as well and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, when the furnace first cycled on, I heard some disturbing sounds and immediately know there were some minor concerns.  The heated air odor was musty, along with there being a significant influx of dust. Plus, the furnace sounded louder than normal, with a bit of a rattle, as well as it seemed to struggle to keep up with demand. My monthly energy bill was drastically higher than I was accustomed to, so I knew the gas furnace was not functioning properly.  By the middle of January, I had no choice however to call for heating repair. I should not have waited so long, because all of the local companies were completely booked. I was unable to schedule and appointment until the following month. Adversely, the furnace was unable to make it that far. It quit in the middle of the evening, while in a blizzard, when the outside temperature was down to eight degrees.  With such terrible weather conditions, it was obvious we had to call for emergency furnace repair in addition to paying overtime charges. I was lucky that the HVAC repairman had the necessary replacement parts right in their truck. They also completed the repair within a couple of hours. I decided that day, I will make furnace repair a priority in the fall.

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