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I have resided in the eastern part of winter time for about many years plus finally, I get to leave this situation! I moved up here for work plus I have gone against it ever since. The one plus the only error I have with living in the super cold north is the chilly cold wind that never seems to go away. Even in the center of summer season, there will be days where it only gets up to the 50s due to the wind. This is no way for people to have to go through life. Luckily my work offered me a big bonus and I got to be in an executive position down in their warmest branch. Sand plus water are in my future, plus the only thing left for me to do is sell this home plus buy a plane ticket. I bought this house due to how insanely low in cost it was, but I have been plagued with so many troubles that it has become a terrible investment. The latest concerns found me having to deal with a Radon gas error in the basement. Radon is a cancer-causing material that can be found in soil within the world. It gets into houses through holes plus cracks that develop in the foundation where dirt plus soil can get in. So we have to seal a crack in the foundation, I also have to set up a sub-slab ventilation idea to get the Radon out into the air quality.

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