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Periodically I wonder if having a dog is worth all of the trouble that it causes me, especially in the heating, ventilation and A/C department. See, all of us have a really large fat, fluffy dog with a ton of pale white fur. She’s so fluffy that sporadically she gets stuck in the dog door that all of us have installed in the lower area of the back door of my house. We’ve had to save her a couple of times when she got stuck halfway in and halfway out. We had to grab her by her front legs and pull her chubby body all the way through. she did not like that 1 bit! Besides having to be on the lookout for my feline friend so she won’t get stuck, now I also have to make sure that she doesn’t mess up the dog door. She somehow gets it stuck in the open position so that the heated air from inside the house escapes. Last week, when all of us were dealing with sub-zero uneven temperatures outside, the dog somehow got the little swinging door stuck again and I didn’t realize it. I kept feeling a freezing breeze blow by my feet and so I continued to raise the temperature on the thermometer in the hallway. Little did I think that every time I raised the control unit, I was basically just heating the outdoors because the sizzling air from my heating system was blowing right out the dog door! Unfortunately, there is an air vent right next to the door where the dog door is installed. The sizzling air from the heating system wasn’t even making it into circulation next to my feet because it was traveling right from the heating ducts into my backyard!

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